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Parent Involvement

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Parent Involvement
Guidelines for the 2017-2018 School Year

1.        Eighteen (18) hours are required per family. If a family has children in more than one magnet school, the

2.        The student’s parents and grandparents or guardians should complete hours. Extended family is approved on           case-by-case basis, beginning with immediate caregivers. The easiest way to provide this list is to include               those family members on your student’s dismissal form. The minimum age of the person completing these     involvement hours is 21. Volunteers should not bring children to school while volunteering.

3.        A minimum of half the required hours (for each school) should be completed during the first semester of school.

4.     All hours must be completed AND recorded by 5 p.m. on April 30th.

5.        All hours served must be recorded on a “Record of Volunteer Hours” form and signed by a school staff member. It is the responsibility of the volunteer to make sure that these hours are documented at the time the work is done. Other forms accepted at discretion of your school’s coordinator.

6.        HCDE staff members who have a child or children at a magnet school must also complete the 18 involvement hours.

 What qualifies for Parent Involvement Time?

Time that assists the school, teachers, and classes qualifies to earn parent involvement hours. These items include: 

Ø  Completing tasks in a teacher/parent workroom 

Ø  Completing assigned tasks at home with specific instructions, depending on availability 

Ø  Assisting a teacher in the classroom 

Ø  Acting as a monitor in hallways, cafeteria, car line, etc. 

Ø  Chaperoning field trips (limit of 9 hours at each school per family) 

Ø  Attending parent classes 

Ø  Serving on the PTA board 

Ø  Working on PTA events 

Ø  Working athletic events 

Ø  Saturday/Sunday workdays 

Ø  Organizing special events (performances, auctions, candy sales, etc.) 

Ø  Working to improve school building and grounds 

Ø  Bringing food or drink for events (limit of 1/3 of total hours at each school)

 What does not qualify as involvement time? 

Time that is spent with only your child, at school or away from school, is good parenting time and not considered involvement time for the school. These items will not satisfy the parent involvement commitment: 

§  reading with your child                                                            ▪ attending IEP meetings                     

§  helping your child with homework                                            ▪ teachers working in or for their own classroom

§  visiting your child for lunch                                                     ▪ volunteering with groups like Girl Scouts

§  watching your child in a performance                                       ▪ attending parent-teacher conferences   

§  visiting your child’s classroom


Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES can Parent Involvement hours be bought. Money is not a substitute for time.


          VOLUNTEERS SHOULD:                                                     VOLUNTEERS SHOULD NOT:

ü Sign in and out in the office volunteering                         Forget to sign in and out every time you’re  

ü  Wear your name tag while volunteering                           Intervene or contradict a teacher in front of students 

ü  Be reliable, dependable, and positive                               Do a student’s work for them

ü  Have a cooperative attitude                                            Threaten or punish students 

ü  Show respect to all children                                            Bring other children to school while volunteering 

ü  Keep student information strictly confidential                   Smoke on school grounds 

ü  Have your Volunteer service record signed                       Forget to get their copy of the volunteer service                                                                                           record and keep a copy