Dress Code
Posted On:
Monday, September 11, 2017


Students are expected to be in appropriate dress at all times while on the school campus.

·         Students not adhering to the dress code will not be allowed to attend classes.

·         Chronic dress code violators will face alternative placement.



· Solid black, gray,   pink, white, gold, official Tyner maroon only

·  Collared (polo, or   oxford style only)

·  Long or short sleeves

·  Logos must be on the   left pocket area only

·  Turtlenecks may only be   worn in winter

·   Ties may be worn with button down shirt.

Ties must be school appropriate.

·   Tyner t-shirts   may be worn everyday


·  Stripes, Checked,   words, or other designs

·  Cap sleeves

·   Sheer or see-through   material

·  Sleeveless, tank tops,   tube tops, midriff/cropped tops

·   Oversized shirts

·   Shirts that have other school/team logos



·  Khaki color only

·   Worn at the waist


·  Shorts (cannot be worn   at any time)

·  Capris, leggings,   dresses, skirts, skorts

·  Sweat pants, warm-ups,   athletic shorts

·   Denim of any color

· Sagging pants


· Leather, canvas, or   athletic shoes or boots

·  Sandals with a strap   that goes around the heel


·   Flip flops, slides,   pool shoes

·  House shoes


Appropriate   Colors: black, gray, white, maroon, gold, pink

·  Hoodies, sweaters, sweatshirts, pullovers,   fleece, or jackets

·  Scarves

·  Jean jackets


·   Hoods, hats, caps on heads in   the building (hallways, classrooms, cafeteria, gym, etc)

·   Inappropriate   pictures, wording

· Bandanas of any kind


·         NO BEATS headphones or earbuds during school hours—unless teacher directed

·         Shirts that are too long will have to be tucked in.

·         All hats must be in the students’ lockers during school hours.

·         All backpacks and purses must be in students’ lockers during school hours.

·         All sunglasses must be in students’ lockers during school hours.

·         Students should not wear any attire (shirts, hoodies, jackets, etc) from other schools. RAM PRIDE only

Special Note:

·         Club 21 members may be out of dress code every Monday with an appropriate badge—cannot wear sweats, slides, or pants/jeans with holes in them.

·         Athletes may only wear jerseys to school on game days as directed by their coaches.

Dress down Days:

·         Students may wear appropriate jeans or other color pants (no holes, fraying, tears, no shorts, capris, skirts, dresses)

·         Students may wear appropriate shirts, blouses, t-shirts (no sheer, midriff/cropped, sleeveless, inappropriate words/content, etc)

·         Students must adhere to all other dress code stipulations on shoes and outerwear

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